WPodCall is the PodCall version made for dealing when the underlying asset is ETH. Under the hood, it uses WETH in the option contract.
The exercise, unmint ,and withdraw can be used exactly the same way as described on PodCall. The only function with different signature will be mintWithETH



Allow Call token holders to lock their ETH in a 1:1 ratio, meaning that 1 unit of ETH will mint 1 unit of option token The contract will check if the msg.value is equal to the amountOfOptions. Otherwise, the transaction will revert.
It is possible to mint on behalf of someone. In that case, the msg.sender still receive the tokens, but the owner will own the position (amount of shares). With this owner will be able to withdraw his deserved amount of collateral by the right time. (After expiration for American options, and after the end of exercise window for European).
During the process:
  • The caller will send msg.value amount of ETH to the WPodCall contract.
  • The contract will check if msg.value == amountOfOptionsasked. The transaction will revert if not.
  • The contract will mint option tokens in a 1:1 ratio with the ETH transferred.
  • The contract will store how many shares deserve and the mintedOptions amount.
This function can only be called during tradeWindow period depending on the exercise type.
For European: before exerciseWindow. For American: anytime before expiration.
/// Instantiate Option
PodPut podPut = PodPut("/*address*/");
uint256 amountOfOptions = 10000000;
uint256 ethAmount = amountOfOptions;
uint256 owner = 0x3.. // owner address
podPut.mintWithETH.value(ethAmount)(amountOfOptions, owner);
// WPodCall.sol
* @notice mint 1:1 units of options tokens based on the unit of ETH sent
* @param amountOfOptions The amount of options to be minted
* @param owner address of the owner that will hold the collateral position
function mintWithETH(
uint256 amountOfOptions,
address owner
) external payable {}
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