WPodPut is the PodPut version made for dealing when the underlying asset is ETH. Under the hood, it uses WETH in the option contract.
The functions mint, unmint, and withdraw can be used the same way as described on PodPut, but instead of receiving an ERC20 as payment, msg.sender could receive ETH instead. The only function with different signature will be exerciseEth

Allow put option token holders to use their option tokens to sell some amountOfOptions units of the underlying asset for theamountOfOptions * strike price units of the strike token. Unlike the exercise used on PodPut, the caller should send ETH in the ratio of 1:1 withamountOfOptions. The contract will check if the msg.value is equal to the amountOfOptions. Otherwise, the transaction will revert.
During the process:
  • The amountOfOptions * strikePrice units of strike asset are transferred to the caller
  • The amountOfOptions option tokens are burned.
This function can only be called duringexpirationWindow period, depending on the exercise type.
For European: after trade window and before expiration. For American: anytime before expiration.
/// Instantiate Option
PodPut podPut = PodPut("/*address*/");
uint256 amountOfOptions = 10000000;
uint256 ethAmount = amountOfOptions;
// @param amountOfOptions The amount option tokens to be exercised
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