Pods Yield

Introduction to Pods Yield

What is Pods Yield?
Pods Yield is a 1-click-deposit investment product. It makes it easy to invest in complex derivatives strategies. In traditional finance, it is similar to a structured product.
Pods Yield’s first strategy is called stETHvv (Eth Volatility Vault). stETHvv is a principal protected (You never withdraw less than you initially started), low-risk strategy focused on ETH accumulation.
For the principal protected strategy, we have a hybrid on-chain/off-chain model, where we offer the best of the two worlds: on-chain security with off-chain pricing and liquidity. The principal stays on-chain, and part of the weekly yield is sent to the controller who can access off-chain opportunities.
Find out more about stETHvv and its implementation in the following sections.


Pods Yield is exposed to several risks, which may result in partial or total loss of funds. If you want to learn more about risks, please visit the "Risks" section.
Users who agree to deposit in the vault know and agree with those risks.
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