What is stETHvv?

stETHvv is short for stETH Volatility Vault.

stETHvv (stETH Volatility Vault) is a DeFi structured product, available on Ethereum Mainnet.

It focuses on getting a consistent yield on ETH and takes advantage of high volatility periods, where it can yield more.

Some of the stETHvv characteristics are:

  • ✅ Principal protected (principal is never exposed to market risk).

  • ✅ Receives deposits in stETH (and soon ETH).

  • ✅ Risk-controlled derivative strategy.

  • ✅ One-click deposit.

  • ✅ ETH-denominated strategy.

Getting Started

Got 5 minutes? Check out a video overview of stETHvv on the link below.

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